Project Description

YVON (eh-vahn), HAITI (2014)

Initial Trip: January 17-25, 2014


  • Location: Approximately three hours west of the capital Port-Au-Prince.  Rural / mountainous area (view map).  About 30-45 minute drive southeast of Miragoane.  It is less than 1m west of Colombel.
  • Population:  3-5,000 (approx)
  • Housing: Mostly small 16 x 13ft concrete block structures
  • Education: 3 local schools (Baptist, Saint Peter – Catholic, and 1 unknown)
  • Income: Main source is agriculture (corn, banana, mango, millet, coconut, bread fruit).  2 cottage industries (bamboo: fishing traps & furniture)
  • Food Source:  Small gardens. Some travel to market for rice, fish, etc.  Some have chickens, goats, cattle and creole pigs.


The following needs have been identified:

  • Healthcare / Healthcare Education
    • Easier access needed
    • Once church facility is finished, community plans to repair existing structure damaged by the earthquake and utilize it for a clinic.
    • Nearest medical facility is approximately an hour-long walk. This makes it difficult for the elderly and sick to receive adequate healthcare.
  • Fresh Water
    • Easier access to water for both consumption and irrigation (most important).
    • No local well
  • Improved road 
    • Access to community requires a 4-WD vehicle or 1-mile hike to nearest paved road
    • Challenging to get to fresh water, market, clinic, etc. Most walk or hire motorcycle taxis.
  • Food / Agriculture
    • Improved crop, livestock and cottage industries to provide adequate food
    • Challenge: Lack of water causing soil depletion, poor crops.
  • Schooling
    • Additional classroom space and teachers are needed.  Considering adding a second structure once church is completed.


Construction – Church/School Property:

  • 2014:  Help to continue building a community church/school property (see project photos).

Does the project align with foundation mission?  Yes:

  • Importance: The presence of the church in Haiti is a primary source of funding for the community. Education in Haiti is sponsored in large part by communities of faith (mostly Protestant and Catholic).  Tithings collected help fund the building of classrooms, hire teachers and purchase supplies to educate local children.  The support of primary and secondary education allows children the opportunity to find better jobs to support their family.  The goal: Educate.  Employee.  Reduce unemployment.  Eradicate poverty.


  • Sponsorship of school enrichment activities while working in the community


  • Sponsorship of hot lunch program for approximately 50-60 children while working in the community.
  • Cost: Approximately $60/day.
  • Meals consisted of beans and rice w/ a small amount of protein, juice.


  • Fewer teams traveling to Haiti = reduced projects funds = longer project timelines
  • Poor road requires teams to stay in the community.
  • Limited access to fresh water


  • 2013: Concrete slab/foundation poured.  Walls started.
  • Jan 2014: Team made progress on building walls, adding at least 5-6ft of concrete block
  • Nov 2014: Building is approximately 60% complete (see slide photo).  Wall erected and roof has been installed.

Estimated Completion: Mid-2015


Cost per person / volunteer: $2,300.  Cost breakdown:

$1,000 – airfare and local transportation
$400 – site prepared meals and conservative accommodations (sleeping cots and bucket showers)
$450 – site building materials and to employ worksite laborers
$200 – employ local workers (drivers, translators, security and cooks)
$250 – community support (in-kind donations, clothing, supplies, hot school lunches, etc)

See all Yvon 2014 photos on Flickr.