Project Description

MELLIER (mel-e-aye), HAITI (2012)

Initial Trip: January 12-21, 2012


  • Location: Approximately 1-1.5hr drive west of the capital Port-Au-Prince.  Just off Highway 2.  West/Southwest of La Salle (leh-sal) and just Southeast of Léogâne (lee-oh-gohn).
  • Distance from 2010 Epicenter (Léogâne):  5 miles
  • Department: Quest
  • Population: 3,000 (approx) – 7,000 in surrounding area
  • Housing: Mostly small concrete block structures
  • Education: At least one local school, Methodist


The following needs have been identified:

  • Healthcare / Healthcare Education
    • Nearest location is Léogâne (5 miles).
  • Fresh Water
    • 2011: Well and pump located on property for community use.
  • Church/Schooling
    • Property is located less than 5 miles from the earthquake epicenter.  All structures were destroyed or damaged beyond repair.
    • Church is the primary source of education for the community of Mellier.
    • Temporary structures has been built by Act Alliance for housing classrooms.  Teams sleep on cots in two of the classrooms.
    • Church to be built first to help with funding the rebuilding of the primary school.


Construction – Church/School Property:

  • 2012:  Help to continue building a community church/school property (see project photos).

Does the project align with foundation mission?

  • Yes:  The presence of the church in Haiti is a primary source of funding for the community. Education in Haiti is sponsored in large part by communities of faith (mostly Protestant and Catholic).  Tithings collected help fund the building of classrooms, hire teachers and purchase supplies to educate local children.  The support of primary and secondary education allows children the opportunity to find better jobs to support their family.  The goal: Educate.  Employee.  Reduce unemployment.  Eradicate poverty.


  • Jan 2012: Team made progress on building lower walls, adding at least 4ft of concrete block.
  • July 2012: Lower walls finished.
  • July 2012 – July 2013: Upper walls and balcony construction.
  • July 2013: Crepisage (plastering) and  Enduisage (finishing) complete on inner/outer walls.  Corrugated metal roof has been installed.
  • Sept 2013:  Building dedication.
  • Jan 2014:  Floor tiling being finished.


Cost per person / volunteer: $2,000.  Cost breakdown:

$900 – airfare and local transportation
$400 – site prepared meals and conservative accommodations (sleeping cots and bucket showers)
$500 – site building materials and to employ worksite laborers
$200 – employ local workers (drivers, translators, security and cooks)

See all Mellier 2012 photos on Flickr!

Jan 2014 – Our 2012 project is finally complete!