Project Description


Initial Trip: July 26-Aug 1, 2010 (6 months after the earthquake)


  • 2010:  Members from the foundation and partner organizations will be meeting near the capital Port-au-Prince (in Petion-ville) to discuss, plan and prioritize projects.


  • Conditions quite dire 6 months post earthquake.  Many key roads remain impassible. Large amounts of rubble to be removed.
  • Lack of infrastructure, including electricity remains an issue in many parts of Port-au-Prince.
  • More than 1.3 million people have been displaced from homes.  100s of thousands standing shoulder to shoulder along the roads, begging for assistance.
  • Temporary “tent city” camps have been erected in almost every open area, including parks, hillsides, private properties.  More than 1,300 camps in total.
  • Many reports of crime and rape being reported.  Signs of malnutrition in children and cholera also being reported.
  • Hospitals such as Grace Children’s Hospital in the capital are still performing triage on front lawns.
  • Many Government offices remain closed due to extensive damage.  Capital building is a total loss.
  • National security being overseen by world organizations.


  • 40 key sites have damage or have been destroyed.  Many of these includes community schools, clinics, community centers and places of worship.
  • Foundation established Global Outreach program in response to the Haiti earthquake.
  • Michael Kelley, a part of the foundation leadership team has been trained in emergency response and will be to lead Global Outreach program.
  • Foundation will be committed to a minimum of 3 years of relief aid.