Project Description

DUPLAN (dew-plAHn), HAITI (2011)

Initial Trip: April 11-19, 2011


  • Location: Approximately 1hr drive southeast of the capital Port-Au-Prince.  Rural / low mountainous area (appx 4,200 ft).
  • Department: Quest
  • Population: <5,000
  • Housing: Mostly small concrete block structures
  • Education: At least one local school, Methodist


The following needs have been identified:

  • Healthcare / Healthcare Education
    • Existing clinic was damaged during the earthquake.
    • Clinic patient load has more than doubled since earthquake, requiring additional exam rooms.
  • Fresh Water
    • Easier access to water
    • No local well.  Women and children walk at least 5 miles round-trip for water.
  • Improved road 
    • Plans in place to pave the road leading up to the community
    • Update 2012:  Road paving in progress
  • Schooling
    • Primary school with 8 classrooms serving 400+ elementary students.
    • Faculty classroom support needed.  Teachers on average make less than $60/month.
    • Update 2014: Classrooms now have internet.  Need 6-8 laptops.


Construction – Clinic:

  • 2011:  H.H.F volunteers to travel to Duplan to help to continue build upper level walls.
  • Timeline:  Project completion estimated to be Fall 2011.

Does project align with foundation mission?

  • Yes.   Community access to affordable healthcare and healthcare education leads to healthy living and reduces the likelyhood of hunger related health issues.  Healthy Haitians means healthy people who can work and support their communities, helping to control and/or reduce the cycle of poverty.

Rubble Removal:

  • The team will also be spending a day on this trip to help clean up rubble near downtown Port-au-Prince.


Cost per person / volunteer: $1,800.  Cost breakdown:

$700 – airfare and local transportation
$400 – site prepared meals and conservative accommodations (sleeping cots and bucket showers)
$500 – site building materials and to employ worksite laborers
$200 – employ local workers (drivers, translators, security and cooks)

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