Natural disasters are on the rise.  Our foundation stands ready to help support those impacted, whether it be in our local community or across the United States.  Volunteers of the foundation have helped to rebuild homes along the gulf coast after Hurricane Katrina and along the eastern seashore after Hurricane Sandy.

Aside from building and repairing homes, we also hold disaster relief drives at least once a year.  We partner with local organizations to gather and package emergency health kits.  These kits are shared with emergency response agencies and distributed to individuals and families that have been displaced from their homes due to human conflict or natural disasters.

Read more below on our U.S. Disaster Relief program and learn how you can help!

Program Highlights


Helping build and restore homes for those in need.


We partner with local housing and U.S. disaster response agencies to help build, re-build or repair homes for those in need or  who have been impacted by natural disasters.  More details below.



Hygiene items to be used after a disaster.


Our hygiene kits provide the basic essentials to those who have may have lost everything during a disaster.  Kits are packaged in Hollywood and shipped to locations throughout the U.S.  Read more below.


Program Details

Our U.S. Disaster Relief program focuses on 3 primary areas: Rebuilding Communities, Disaster Preparedness, and Emergency Health Kit Assembly.  More details can be found on the following tabs:
headerlogo  Our foundation and its volunteers partner with U.S. based disaster relief organizations to help rebuild communities that have been impacted by natural disasters.  Our members have spent time rebuilding along the gulf coast after hurricane Sandy and most recently along the coast New Jersey after hurricane Irene.

If you are interested in knowing more about this program or would like to volunteer, please email us today.

headerlogo  Our foundation, local partners and community volunteers come together at least once a year to gather and package Emergency Health Kits. Each kit provides basic necessities to individuals or families who have been forced to leave their homes because of human conflict or natural disaster.

Get Involved – Volunteers Welcome! Next Opportunity:

Date To Be Announced – Sign up to be notified. Questions? Please call or  USDR – Emergency Health Kit program.”>send us an email.

Common Questions

Q: Can I sponsor a kit? How much does it cost?

Absolutely! Health kit sponsorships reduce the overall cost of running our program.

Avg. Cost to Produce/Ship 1 kit: $3.50

  • 50 kits: $125 contents + $50 shipping = $175
  • 100 kits: $250 contents + $100 shipping = $350
  • 250 kits: $625 contents + $250 shipping = $875
  • 500 kits: $1,250 contents + $500 shipping = $1,750

Fun Fact: We typically package a minimum of 1,000 kits during one of our packaging events!

Q: What is included in an Emergency Health Kit? Can I donate contents?

Donations are always appreciated, however it may be less expensive for you to sponsor the kits (see above). Each item must be new (unused) in original packaging. Please see important notes next to each item. Avg. Kit Cost (when donated): $12 each

Health Kit Contents

  • 1 hand towel – 15″ x 25″ to 17″x 27″
  • 1 washcloth
    • No kitchen, cleaning, or microfiber towels/washcloths
  • 1 comb – sturdy and at least 8″ long
    • No pocket combs or picks please
    • Rattail combs and combs without handles are acceptable.
  • 1 metal nail file or nail clippers
    • No emery boards or toenail clippers please.
  • 1 bath-size soap – 3 oz. or larger sizes only
    • No Ivory soap due to moisture content
    • Must be in the original packaging
  • 1 toothbrush
    • Adult size only
    • Must be in the original packaging
  • Toothpaste
    • 4.5 oz or larger – expiration date must be at least 6 months out
    • Momentary donation of $1 per tube preferred – we get bulk discounts
  • 6 adhesive bandages – ¾” to 1″-size
    • Common household Band-Aids work great!
  • 1 plastic bag – Gallon size – Must be Sealable


  • All items must be new.
  • We can not accept washed items as they are considered used.
  • Please leave in original packaging.
  • All emergency kits are carefully planned to make them usable in the greatest number of situations. Since strict rules often govern product entry into international countries, therefore it is important that kits contain only the requested items, nothing more.

See our Flickr photos from a recent packaging event.

Are You Prepared?

Volunteer Corner

The opportunity to serve others in their time of need is one of the great joys in life. I can truly say that working with others to rebuild hearts and lives after the devastation of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy was both an honor and a privilege.
Rev. Dave S, HHF U.S. Disaster Relief Volunteer