Our international humanitarian program was formed in response to the devastating Haiti earthquake of January 2010.   Our program leaders have been been trained in disaster response, deploying to Haiti shortly after the earthquake.  Working with our international partners, we have assisted with the clean up of rubble in order to prepare for rebuilding.  Our volunteers have been involved with the planning, organizing and building of several medium-large scale reconstruction projects.  We have returned to Haiti every year to help rural communities rebuild vital structures.  See below for more details on our program and our projects.

Program Highlights


Our commitment to help rebuild a stronger Haiti.


Follow us on our journey as we work to help fight hunger and poverty in remote villages.  Program details below.



Helping Filipinos rebuild after recent super typhoons.


Join us as we begin our 2nd International Aid program focused on helping rebuild communities in the central Philippines. Details below.


Program Details

Our Global Outreach program focuses on 2 primary international areas of aid: Haiti Relief (post earthquake 2010) and Philippines Disaster Relief.

headerlogo  December 2016 – According to a fall 2016 International Organization of Migration (IOM) situation report, it is estimated that more than 55,000 Haitian children, women and men remain homeless and displaced due to the magnitude 7.0 earthquake that rocked Haiti on January 12, 2010. Our friends in Haiti continue to suffer from the lack of shelter, food and clean water. We estimated in the summer of 2010 that it would require a minimum of 15 years of humanitarian effort to restore Haiti to its condition prior to the earthquake.

Haiti has been long known to suffer from setbacks.  On October 4, 2016, Hurricane Matthew struck the southwestern shores of the island nation near Les Anglais with 145mph winds.  This was the strongest storm to hit the country since 1964.  175,000 people were displaced into 307 shelter locations. 200,000 homes were badly damaged or destroyed.  1.4 million people were in need of some kind of aid.  Due to losing between 85-100% of crops and livestock in the Grand’Anse and Sud departments, the storm left over 806,000 in urgent need of immediate food assistance. We are working with local partners to determine where we can help provide the most impacting aid. This situation will not be resolved over night.  It will take months, if not years, to rebuild homes, plant new crops and orchards, supply families with livestock (chickens, goats, etc).  The will require long term engagement and partnerships.  The Heart of Hollywood Foundation is committed to this international relief effort and helping to reduce hunger and poverty in Haiti.

Next Trip – Sobier, Haiti:  January 2017 | Meet and Support the team 

Get Involved – Volunteers Welcome!  If you are interested in joining us a future trip to Haiti, please contact Michael Kelley for more details.

Project Sponsorship: This helps us reduce our overall costs, reduces project completion timelines and enables us to send more volunteers to Haiti.  Unable to join us on one of our trips but would like to help?  Please consider sponsoring a member of the team by vising our online giving page. Place your donation amount in the “Global Outreach Initiatives” field and choose Haiti from the drop-down.  You can support a specific volunteer during the on the 2nd page of the donation checkout process.

We have sent volunteer members of our association on yearly trips to Haiti, beginning shortly after the earthquake of 2010.  2017 will mark our 8th year working in the country.  We have helped to rebuild clinics, schools and other vital community structures near the city of Port-Au-Prince and in remote villages such as Yvon and Sobier. We partner with other NGOs to bring plumbing, clean water and electricity to the facilities we build.

Follow Our Progress:  Project details, goals, status updates and photos from our trip can be found by visiting our project Portfolios page or by choosing a Recent Project below.

Follow our work in Haiti on Facebook and view our images on Flickr.

headerlogo  The foundation is proud to announce the support of our second international relief program. On November 7, 2013 the Philippines was pummeled by Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). 14.1 million lives were impacted across nine regions, the greatest being the Central Visayas (Region VII) with a population of more than 6.8 million people. In all, nearly 4.1 million people were displaced from their homes. At least 1.1 million houses were damaged. More than 6,100 people lost their lives.

Get Involved – Volunteers Welcome! If you would be interested in joining us on a future trip to the Philippines, please contact Michael Kelley for more details.

We are presently fundraising to cover the expenses associated with sending a future team of relief volunteers to help provide aid in the Philippines.  The cost per person is approximately $3,500 (utilized for low budget transportation services, minimal accommodations, host prepared food, building supplies, hiring local labor). If you would like to make a donation towards these efforts, please visit our online giving page. Place your donation amount in the “Global Outreach Initiatives” field and choose Philippines from the drop-down.

Recent Projects

Facts To Know

  • L.A. County’s homeless rose 16% from 2011 to 2013 to more than 58.000.
  • 74% (43,410) of homeless go unsheltered–they literally live on the street
  • 7,391 (13%) are family members including children
  • 819 (1%) are unaccompanied youth under 18
  • Over the course of a year, 190,207 men, women and children experience homelessness in L.A. County

Source: The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority

Volunteer Corner

I have volunteered countless hours to support hunger and homeless programs in Los Angeles. I am truly inspired and impressed by the work that the Heart of Hollywood Foundation is doing to feed and clothe those living on the streets of Hollywood. I highly recommend getting involved and supporting their efforts.
Michael, PATHCooks Volunteer
Before changing jobs, I was able to work at the food line every Tuesday. I miss our clients, but I still see some of them on the streets of Hollywood. Sometimes we talk and other times we acknowledge each other with a smile or nod, like old friends do.
Mary K, Homeless Lunch & Clothing/Hygiene Volunteer