Our Partners

Poverty & Hunger is a global issue.  There is no single solution nor source of funding. whether it be private or a Government run program on earth that can fully win this battle.  The work that our foundation is doing is simply a small part of the puzzle.  In order to end this epidemic, we must all work together to find solutions and make change.

The Heart of Hollywood Foundation (H.H.F.), including our program volunteers, work tirelessly and selfishly without pay.  Our mission is to bring hope and change to those living on the streets or who have been displaced from their dwelling due to a natural disaster.  The work we do would never be possible if it were not for partnerships with local and international organizations that have similar missions and core values.

H.H.F. is honored and proud to have built a relationship with the following entities.  Some have given of their time or services and others financially or through event sponsorships, product donations or media exposure.  No matter the size or type of assistance provided, each have helped us to bring momentum to our cause.

Words can not express how much we truly appreciate and value the trust, support and guidance that each group has provided to us.  Our plan and hope is to continue to work and collaborate with our local and international partners to strengthen our social programs and build upon the support we provide.

Following is a list of some of our past and present partners.

Project PartnersCorporate Partners and Supporters
Hollywood UMCBridlewood Estate Winery
P.A.T.H.E & J Gallo Winery
My Friend’s PlaceO’Gara Coach | Bentley Beverly Hills