Organizational Profile

Our Foundation management structure is made up of an Executive Director (1) , Board of Directors (5) and Program Directors (4). We are a flat organization with a management team that brings 30+ years of business experience to the Heart of Hollywood Foundation. Our team is made up of CEO’s, certified public accountants, human resource professionals, business managers and technology experts. All members of the management team have worked with the foundation for over 4 years and work on volunteer basis.

We employ as needed an auditor, accounting and legal oversight personnel. Our process for distribution of funds is done by a majority vote of the board and two board members must sign all checks. Our By Laws, Standards and EEO requirements have all been review and approved by the State of California.

Volunteer Staff and Position Data

Executive Director: Patrick Murray

  • Sets vision & strategy for the Foundation
  • Works with administration and oversees programs
  • Represents Foundation at all public events
  • Appoints Nominating Committee as well as other necessary committees
  • Creates and oversees Foundation Annual calendar
  • Oversees Program, including oversight of committee chair to coordinate campaign, publicity, track income, maintain donor base and manage reporting.
  • Oversees Matching & Grants
  • Works with Communications & Foundation Council to assure fundraising information is effectively communicated to donors.
    • VOTING POSITION / Executive Board member

Vice-President: Eric Chapman

  • Works with Communications & Foundation Council to assure information is effectively communicated to donors.
  • Facilitates annual satisfaction & needs assessment survey
  • Oversees all communication vehicles, establishes communication message.
  • Creates communication timeline and strategy based on annual calendar
  • Works with board members to effectively publicize events and Foundation activities.
  • Monitor & maintain TTF email account & database
  • Produces communication materials as needed
  • Check general Foundation email account regularly
    • VOTING POSITION / Executive Board member

Treasurer: Mark Stephenson

  • Responsible for making bank deposits
  • Duties include: Set annual goals and budget; prepare and manage the budget process; create and update
  • Oversees financial transactions
    • VOTING POSITION / Executive Board member

Secretary: Mary Kiser

  • Coordinates with Executive Director to establish agenda.
  • Distributes agenda at least two days prior to each Board meeting
  • Writes and distributes minutes within 1 week after meetings
  • Creates Board and Committee folders with all reference info
  • Manages the governance and oversight of Board, maintaining the bylaws and ensuring the TTF Board is in compliance.
    • VOTING POSITION / Executive Board member

Director of Human Resource/ Policies and Procedures – Brian Bechel

  • Manages the development and implementation of Human Resources department, goals, objectives, policies and priorities for each function.
  • Plans, organizes, directs, coordinates the Human Resources Department’s work plan; assigns projects and programmatic responsibilities; reviews and evaluates work methods and procedures; meets with staff to identify and resolve problems.
  • Explains Human Resources department programs, policies, and activities; negotiates and resolves sensitive and controversial issues.